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Need For Speed World Cheats

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Need For Speed World Hack Free Download

 Need For Speed World Cheats

Need for Speed World Cheats is just the thing you need to dominate in this awesome EA game! Need for Speed World Cheats is complex multihack tool made of five different hacks combined and ready to use. Each one of them has its separate Tab, which will be described shortly in following text. Since May 2013, with new security measures EA has taken in order to improve Need for Speed World protection against hacking and cheating, many cheats stopped working. Need for Speed World Cheats is special multihack tool made in 2014 and in this moment one of the few genuine working NFS World Cheats available on net.

NFS World Connect Tab


NFS World Cheats Tool Connected

Need for Speed World Cheats has 5 tabs incorporated, but Connect tab is most important as it applies anti ban measures and establish connection with game server before you can apply any other hack from this tool. Need for Speed World Cheats has elegant, user friendly interface, and using Connect tab is very simple and easy. First step is entering e-mail address which is connected to your game account. Next two steps are important for your safety and efficiency of the hacks you will use. First option is “Use proxy”. It hides your IP address from game server, and is crucial to proper use of Boost Generator Hack. It is not so important for use of Level Hack or Racing Hacks tab so you don’t need to activate it in that case. Second option is mode of connecting, which can be “Safe mode” and “Fast mode”. Proper use of these options will be explained in reviews of each Need for Speed World Cheats Tab.

Level Hack Tab

Need For Speed World Level Hack

Need for Speed World Cheats has Level Hack incorporated. This tab is simple to use, and its main purpose is fixing yours game level in order to unlock all features which comes with it. For easier managing, we added options for level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 55 and 60 to choose. You can also choose Rank, and available options are rank 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Important thing here is that unlocking certain level unlocks automatically any achievement that comes with it. As for safety use, we recommend turning on “Safe mode” of connecting before applying this hack in order to patch it properly. “Use proxy” option is not necessary, and with Safe mode turned on we guarantee this hack will work 100% safely and efficiently. After choosing your Level and Rank, just press “Patch Profile” button beneath them, and wait for the message “Profile successfully patched” message to appear. After that, you can close Need for Speed World Cheats and start your game. Your new level will be applied instantly.

NFS World Boost Generator Tab

Need For Speed World Boost Generator

Need for Speed World Cheats has two hacks which generate free Boost. This is not a mistake, and these two hacks are completely different in origin, working mechanism and conditions in which each one can be used. We made them in such way to cover all user groups and all possibilities. Boost Generator hack is made specifically for premium users, which already have bought some amount of Boost. Using Boost generator is safer and easier choice for them. To use Need for Speed World Cheats Boost Generator hack, you need to simply choose wanted amount of Boost to be added. Available choices are 4550, 11600, 28000 and 90000. After choosing your boost amount, just press “Add Boost” button and wait for “Boost successfully added” message to appear before proceeding. You can turn off Need for Speed World Cheats and start your game, added boost will be available immediately (allow up to 10 minutes of delay in some cases). Need for Speed World Cheats is not responsible for this delay, the reason lies in the paying servers through which our hack makes free Boost. As safety measures, we suggest turning “Use proxy” option on before applying this hack. “Fast mode” of connecting can be used for users with premium accounts (users who already bought large amounts of Boost) while normal users (who didn’t buy any Boost so far) can try to connect with “Safe mode”, although there is 50% chance of failed purchase. If that is the case, there is no need to worry, just proceed to Boost Hack Tab of Need for Speed World Cheats which is made especially for users without previous Boost purchases.

Need For Speed World Cheats Hacks Tab

Need For Speed World Hack Tool

Need for Speed World Cheats is multihack tool dedicated to this fantastic game. We expect most players to first try our Boost Hacks, but this tab is dedicated to those players who wish to improve their driving skills and winning chances with a little help of Need for Speed World Cheats! No less than 12 different hacks are gathered in this tab! Some of them are used during races. Speed hack is probably most wanted here, but Perfect Start hack can be of great help too, while Tank mode is there to help with cop chases or simply to help you pushing through bunch of opponents. Power up Hack is especially important in tough races. Wallhack has a bit different meaning here than in FPS games, as it removes textures and therefore chance of collision with the background. Ghost Mode can be of great help when you need to get away fast. All Achievements is pretty self explanatory, together with Performance parts hack. Unlockables in this game can be unlocked using these three hacks: Unlock All Cars, Unlock All Maps, Unlock Car Slots and All Skill Mods. As for using this tab, after choosing one or more (or all) hacks which you want to add, simply press “Add Hacks” button in the bottom of the window. Wait for the message “Hacks successfully added” to appear before closing Need for Speed World Cheats and starting your game with hacks unlocked. We advice to take precautions when using this tab of Need for Speed World Cheats, specifically turning on “Safe mode” of connecting in the connect tab. If you want to read more about NFS World Hack tab, we have one post which is only about it.

Need For Speed World Boost Hack Tab

Need For Speed World Boost Hack

Boost hack tab is essentially tool within a tool. This is separate hack tool within Need for Speed World Cheats. Its options and use are similar to the use of Boost Generator hack but will be covered in special detailed article.

 Need For Speed World Hack Free Download

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Need for Speed World Hack

NFS World Hack Tool

Need For Speed World Hack Free Download

 Need For Speed World Hack Tool

Need For Speed World Hack Tab

Need for Speed World Hack is important tab in our multihack tool. It is in fact collection of twelve hacks with many different purposes. Some of them are applied in races, other are for unlocking various features of the game. In races, you can use following hacks:

Perfect start – suggested for manual gear shifting, although it gives substantial boost with automatic too

Speed Hack – +50% speed and acceleration for your car, can be turned on and off at will

Tank mode - +100% mass of your car without influence on car other abilities, ideal for pursuit modes. Your car becomes a bit heavier than rhino, making their rams easy to disrupt.

Wallhack – this hack removes textures from nearby objects effectively allowing your car to pass through them. It will not allow you to make longer shortcuts through buildings, but instead makes your road about twice as wide as it should be, by removing all obstacles nearby (pavement, lights, pedestrian refuge etc)

Ghost mode – can be turned on and off during race, allowing you to disappear from police radars and from plain sight when activated, effectively ending the pursuit.

Powerup Hack – gives you infinite powerups, all of them, with cooldown two times shorter than normal and effect twice as long as normal.

For use in game, following hacks unlock all available instances of some feature or part of the game, like:

Performance parts – all performance parts, plain and simple

All Achievements – all achievements including new ones from last big update

All Skills Mods – as the name says

Unlock All Cars – unlocks all cars including event cars and bonus vehicles

Unlock All Maps – as the name implies

Unlock Car slots – unlocks maximum number of car slots in your garage

How to use NFS World Hack Tab

NFS World Hacked Successfully

Using Need for Speed World Hack tab is very easy thanks to its user friendly interface. All you need to do is choose hacks you want to apply. You can choose one hack, more or even all of them. After selecting wanted hacks, just click “Add Hacks” button. Wait for the message “Hacks successfully added” before you can close Need for Speed World Hack tab and start your game.

How to avoid ban when using Need for Speed World Cheats

Need for Speed World Hack is perfectly safe to use if you follow our advices about how to use it. First of all, most important thing is to activate “Safe mode” in the Connect tab. This mode will cover all tracks of our Need for Speed World Hack, by disguising your hacked version of the game as unchanged. This mode can slow down a bit your game but with it you are 100% protected from server security software. “Use proxy” option is not prerequisite for using NFS World Hack. Some of the hacks are more powerful and can attract unwanted attention, so you can turn it on and off at will in order to avoid any problems with game moderators checking you.

Need For Speed World Hack Free Download

Powerups in Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World PowerUps

 NFS World Power Ups

What are Powerups and how to get them

Powerups are very important feature in Need for speed World. It is no wonder we made special hack just for them under Need for Speed World Hack tab. Powerups are essentially temporary boosts for use during the race. When used, they give you significant advantage, based on the type of Powerup you used. There are three ways to get Powerups. First one is to buy them, by using premium currency called speed boost. This option allows you to choose specific powerup you want to buy, but as a minus, it costs you real money to buy them. Second option is to win Powerups from the lucky draw cards which you get at the end of races or pursuits. However, you will always get random Powerups from these lucky draws, which can be a bit disappointing. Third and obviously the best way is using Need for Speed World Cheats tool and activating Powerups hack. This hack will unlock all Powerups for you. You will also get infinite supply of all Powerups, eliminating the need of buying them (never mind our hack tool also provides you with unlimited supply of speed boost, we wanted to make things even easier for you). But this is not all! Powerups hack also doubles the duration of any powerup you use during race, and at the same time halves the cool down time for that powerup. It is easy to see that with the use of Need for Speed World Hack tool, you can make Powerups even more useful and powerful. Powerups can be organized in game by using powerup console which allows you to store four Powerups for the next race. To use specific powerup during race, you can simply click with the mouse button at it, or even better, use mapped key to activate it (default keys are numbers on the keyboard). Since we didn’t want to make things completely unfair, instead removing cool down for your Powerups we only halved them, but with doubled duration you will see that many of them become simply overpowered. Remember that needforspeedworldcheats.org is the website dedicated to cheats for NFS World. If you want Need for Speed World Cheats you can find that on our website as well.

Types of Powerups

Powerups can be roughly divided in two groups. First group includes Powerups for use in race, and all Powerups from this group are blue. Second group include Powerups for use in pursuit, and is easily identified as they are orange. So far there are 7 race and 3 pursuit Powerups. The main difference between these two groups is that pursuit Powerups are useless in race, because they only protect you from specific situation during pursuit. Emergency evade knocks back all cops which are close to your car, Run flats pumps back your tires if you run over spike strips, and instant cool down gives you instant evasion from the cops. Race Powerups include: Nitrous for burst of speed, traffic magnet for distracting the race leader, one more lap (which can be used only in lap races) which adds another lap to the race, juggernaut for increased speed and weight of your car, ready powerup for instant recovery of all used Powerups, slingshot for fast catching up the main group, and shield for protecting yourself from traffic magnet. If you want to learn more about porwerups click here.

SpeedBoost in Need for Speed World

NFS World SpeedBoost Resource

 NFS World SpeedBoost

How to buy Boost

SpeedBoost is most important resource in Need for Speed World. Although Need for Speed World Cheats tool offers easy and fast way to get free Boost, there are also other ways to get bonus Boost, or simply buy it if you have enough money. Boost can be bought from official Need for Speed World site when you log into your account there. Next to the total amount of your boost there is “Buy SpeedBoost” button. After you click on it, you can choose between several payments options (including PayPal, credit cards, or SMS service) and choose amount of Boost to add. Usual offers are between 1000 and 50000 Boost. If you decide to pay with SMS service, total price for your Boost will be higher, depending on local mobile service provider and his contract with BOKU SMS service which is used for transaction.

Free Speed Boost

There are numerous ways to get free boost. Electronic Arts organize special events or promotions with free promotional codes for sharing. Usually a player can get between 750 and 1500 free boost, and no more than that. You should check the Facebook Page of Need for Speed World since there are promotional codes there which are released whenever sufficient number of Likes is collected. Also, for each new account whose driver reaches level 3, player will get 500 free Boost. This bonus is applicable only for first driver created. So far, there were many other ways to get free boost, such as promo offers, free or paid surveys, downloading of apps and video material, watching of trailers or videos etc. The one we recommend is using Need for Speed World Cheats tool, because it proved to be safest and most secure way to get free Boost. Although our tool uses third party offers to generate free boost for your account (making it completely legal and 100% genuine) we have to point out that there were many problems with some of the third party offers in the past. It turned out those were scams, and some of those services seemed to be pretty serious, so you better check them in the following text so that you don’t get yourself into position to be scammed.

Scam scandals in Need for Speed World

The biggest Scam scandal in Need for Speed World happened with SponsorPay offers. This serves allegedly made possible for players to get free boost by doing different forms of surveys, downloading free apps and watching promotional materials such as demo videos or trailers. First complaints were about downloads from those offers which seemed to contain various malicious software, such as spyware, Trojans, adware and viruses. Very soon it became obvious that SponsorPay failed to deliver promised boost rewards to players which participated, but in return spread malware all over their computers. Even today, SponsorPay service should still be avoided. Another popular scam method is so called phishing, in which scammers offer to buy boost for player if he reveals his account data to them.

Anti Ban Measures in NFS World Cheats

Anti Ban Measures in NFS World Cheats

 Need For Speed World Cheats

Additional safety options in cheat tool

NFS World was the game we were attracted to as soon as we started it. Since we are big fans of Need for Speed franchise this online multiplayer game was everything we looked for. Soon after we started to play it seriously, we had to admit that we needed boost. And we mean literally. Even though Need for Speed World is free online multiplayer game, premium currency called Boost was much needed if you wanted to progress beyond first stages of the game. And there were many players who just couldn’t afford spending real life money for this game. Since we already had much experience with hacking games, especially for premium currency features, we needed few days to figure out how to hack the game and make functional Need for Speed World Boost generator hack. We also discovered some nice additional cheats while we searched for free boost, so we decided to make multihack tool where we collected all the good stuff we discovered or made. To be honest, first version of Need for Speed World Cheats had to be updated quickly because around that time game got big security update which improved game server software so it could automatically disconnect any game user who used any of the cheats. After much research we came up with new options which could counter those new security measures. The downside of it was that new, updated version of Need for Speed World needed from 50% up to 100% more time for connection to the game server and actual hacking of the game. So we decided to make these new measures optional instead permanent parts of NFS World Cheats, since there were some cases when player could use our tool without activating them, and we wanted to utilize that possibility to the maximum. Here is breakdown of additional safety options and some instructions about how and when to use them.

Use proxy option

This is one of the best known safety options used in virtually every hack or cheat program ever made. The reason is that this option is so easy to implement and yet so powerful. “Use proxy” can hide your real IP address therefore concealing the address from which hack attack is coming. This is especially important because of today’s way of how premium currency is handled in most games. Thanks to so called “free gifts” is it possible to disguise hacked premium currency as free gift from a third party. Disguising your real IP address is, obviously, essential if you want to add currency in such way. This option can be turned off in case you have dynamic IP address (which depends on your local internet provider but is highly unlikely for USA or Western Europe) and use some other piece of software which can reset your IP address at will or you manually reset it. In most other cases we strongly suggest to turn it on when you are hacking any kind of in game currency.

Need for Speed World Connect Tab

How To Connect On NFS World Cheats Tool

 Need For Speed World Connect Tab

How to use Connect Tab

Need for Speed World Connect Tab is the heart of our multihack tool. It is used before any other tab, and its main purpose is to establish connection with the game server and secure applying of the other hacks. Using this tab is pretty easy, since it has user friendly interface and all available options will be discussed here in order to use them properly. In Need for Speed World Connect Tab first step is entering your e-mail address. Of course, this should be e-mail associated with your game account. Next two options are extremely important for safe and proper use of Need for Speed World Connect Tab so we will describe them in detail. First option is “Use proxy” and it can be turned on and off. “Use proxy” option, when turned on, hides your IP address from the game server, at the cost of losing some speed during connection process. Due to the mechanism of our hacks which add Speed Boost (or boost), it is very important to have your address hidden while applying these hacks, so we strongly recommend to turn this option on if you plan to use Boost Generator Hack from Need for Speed World Cheats. As we will see later, Boost Hack Tab has its own connect interface so it will be described separately. As for Level Hack and driving Hacks, since they are changing the game code and then send new data to the game server, Use proxy option is not crucial, so it can be left off. Last important option is mode of connection, which can be “Safe mode” or “Fast mode”. After you are finished with choosing all available options, last step is clicking “Connect” button in the bottom of the screen. Wait for the green bar to fill up and “Successfully connected” message to appear on screen before you can close Need for Speed World Connect tab.

How to avoid ban when using Need for Speed World Cheats

Need for Speed World Connect Tab is pretty safe to use. “Safe mode” makes your game running slower (although it is indistinguishable difference) and connection process for hacks applying can be almost twice as long as with “Fast mode”. However, Safe mode disguises your hacked game version so that the game server software recognizes it as original and unchanged game copy. With the use of “Fast mode” your game runs at normal speed and hacks are quickly applying, but there is certain chance that in any moment game server may recognize your hacked game and make some problem about it. You may experience random disconnections from server, or even worse, you can face possible temporary or permanent ban if someone inspects your game and finds hacks. Fast mode can be used safely with “Boost generator” since that hack doesn’t change the game code. For Level Hack and Driver Hacks, we strongly recommend turning “Safe Mode” on, since it guarantees safe and secure connection and 100% hack efficiency with just a bit speed loss and few minutes longer waiting for hacks to apply.

Need for Speed World Boost Generator Tab

NFS World Boost Generator Tab – Free Boost

 Need For Speed World Boost Generator

SpeedBoost in Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World Boost Generator Tab is used to generate free SpeedBoost for your favorite NFS game. SpeedBoost, or boost in short, is premium currency in Need for Speed World. Boost is bought with real money and used as currency for many different features in game. Some of those features can be also bought with in-game currency but the price difference is extremely in favor of Boost. Items bought with Boost include Amplifiers, Aftermarket items, new Cars or Car rentals, extra Car slots, Power-ups, and various Card Packs (including Aftermarket card packs, Performance part card packs, Skill mod card packs and Car prize packs). Need for Speed World Boost Generator Tab is best way to get free boost, although there are few more ways to get it. Occasionally EA has giveaways of promotional Boost codes worth from 750 up to 1500 Boost. Still, these promotions are usually reserved for new releases so players cannot find them as often as they would like to. Some sponsors can award free Boost for completing their surveys, downloading apps and videos. But considering the time and effort involved, Need for Speed World Boost Generator Tab stays the best possible way to get free Boost!

How to use NFS World Boost Generator Tab

Need for Speed World Boost Generator Tab is extremely easy to use. It has only one option and that is for choosing the amount of free boost to be added to your account. You can choose amounts of 4550, 11600, 28000 and 90000 free Boost to add. Next step is clicking “Add Boost” option and waiting for green bar beneath to fill up. After you see the message “Boost successfully added” you can close NFS World Boost Generator Tab and start your game. Added Boost should be available immediately but in some cases there is up to 15 minutes delay before Boost is added to your account. We want to remind you once more that Need for Speed World Cheats Boost Generator Tab is reserved for users who already bought some Boost with real money before. If you are a player without any money invested in Need for Speed World so far, you should use Need for Speed World Boost Hack Tab, which is the last tab of our multihack tool.

NFS World Boost Generator

How to avoid ban when using Need for Speed World Boost Generator

You probably noticed that we have two tabs for making free boost in our multihack tool. Boost generator tab will work only with accounts which already have some Boost purchases prior to use of this hack. This tab has different security algorithm and is absolutely safe to use. On the other hand, Boost Hack Tab has different security options, and can be used for accounts without any previous purchases using real money, but using this tab is more risky than using Boost generator tab. Since Need for Speed World Boost Generator Tab is absolutely safe to use, only protection measure we advise is turning on “Use proxy” option in Connect tab before proceeding to Boost Generator Tab.